About Us

NISC was established in 2018 with the aim to provide a local alternative to otherwise hard to obtain and overly expensive streetwear brands. What's the point in sending hundreds of pounds to a company in London or LA when you have local people doing the same things for a much more reasonable price?

Growing up skating and painting in Belfast has shown us that this small country has so much to offer creatively and the creatives rarely get the credit they deserve or even a chance to showcase their abilities. We aim to help remedy that by providing a platform for local creatives to showcase their drip wether it be in fashion, skating or making boring walls pretty. 

Our logo was designed by local sneaker head and graphic designer Amber Perry and has been the main focus of our clothing designs. The minimalistic Japanese inspired logo is a nod to our favourite designs and stylists. 

In 2018 we ran our first sticker competition and had over 500 entrants putting our stickers all over Belfast and further to rep the brand. This led to Garry Thompson winning by a landslide with a picture of the legendary Yohan The Violumpet man boasting on of our stickers on his wap (that's what he calls his violumpet). We then approached Yohan seeking his permission to use his image on a run of t-shirts which would be sold to raise money for Shelter NI. He of course agreed being the absolute gentleman that he is and our first ever NISC branded garment was released.